• Award

    CCR 2019 Horizon Report Exemplar Institution! CloudClassRoom, was selected from over 60 submissions from various institutions in the United States and internationally.

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  • IRS

    The Interactive Response System is one of the most important information applications in recent years to improve the teaching quality in the classrooms. CCR (CloudClassRoom) provides the best solution for this!

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  • Cross-platform

    It supports Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, etc., regardless of the region and environment, whether indoors or outdoors. As long as there is a network device, you can use it immediately.

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  • High quality

    Fast and Stable

    Supported by National Taiwan Normal University's "Aim for Top University Project", the Science Education Center team has fully developed, researched, and tested the results, and has repeatedly made publication in international journals. CCR has the most professional academic background and the best users'experiences.

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Given the prevalence of smart phone devices and Internet usage, more and more schools are embracing the Bring-Your-Own Device (BYOD) policy to make learning more enjoyable and effective. Along with this trend, CloudClassRoom (CCR) was developed to transform smart phone devices into powerful interactive tools for classroom learning. CCR works on every Internet-capable device without further software or plug-in installation. It operates across-platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. Once the teacher connects his/her device to CCR, he/she can easily initiate anonymous quizzes. In addition to the traditional forced-choice answer format, CCR enables students to respond with short texts, pictures, or even emoticons. Students’ answers are automatically aggregated, in real time, and analyzed, providing the teacher with a rough picture of student learning progress just in time. To date, approximately 20,000 teachers and students have registered in CCR. More than 170,000 classroom activities have been conducted by using CCR. CCR is a promising tool that will improve interactivity, especially within East Asian classrooms, where students are customarily silent and hesitate to express their ideas. NTNU Chair Professor, Chun-Yen Chang is currently leading an international project to investigate the impact of CCR on classroom learning across Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. It is expected that the results can inform researchers, teachers, and policy makers, of how to better leverage the potential of mobile technology to boost learning and teaching.



No need to purchase special equipment, to install any software or APP, to register or apply for an account. As long as you have a network, a mobile phone, tablet or computer, as long as you are interested, and as long as you have a passion, you can have an instant access to the best interactive teaching solution with the IRS instant feedback system - "Free, simple, and perfect."!


The IRS instant feedback system supports PC, OSX, iOS, and Android. The system is written in HTML5 architecture and supports almost all computers and mobile devices. As long as your device can open web pages and access the cloud classroom, you can instantly enter the cloud classroom and feel the charm and fun of the IRS instant feedback system.

Free of cost

As this project is supported by the "Aim for Top University Project" of the Taiwan Normal University, the software, equipment room and bandwidth of the IRS instant feedback system are all developed, set up and maintained by our team. Upholding the concept of academic freedom and promotion of education, we welcome all teachers to freely use relevant resources and make a contribution to the field of education.

Immediate experience


Best teaching assistance

  • Quickly make a question

  • Yes-no question

  • Multiple choice question

  • Open-end question

Use it!


Instant analysis and statistics

  • Team-interaction

  • Quick statistics

  • Software free

  • Any where

Use it!


Best experiences

  • Multiple classrooms

  • Study of history

  • Create an exam paper

  • Flip teacher-student

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Best choice

  • Team discussion

  • Course of revision

  • Express opinion

  • Increase interaction

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